AHF Cambodia


AHF  Global :

The Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is a global nonprofit organization providing cutting-edge medicine and advocacy to over 1.5 million people in 45 countries. We are currently the largest provider of HIV/AIDS medical care in the world.

AHF funds its mission to rid the world of AIDS through a network of pharmacies, thrift stores, healthcare contracts and other strategic partnerships. Generating new, innovative ways of treatment, prevention and advocacy has been the hallmark of our success.

Since 1987, AHF has cared for million of people living with HIV and AIDS worldwide. As we create and implement new programs in communities across the U.S. and abroad, we expand delivery of healthcare and influence over policy with the aim of saving more lives.

AHF in Cambodia:

In 2005, AHF Cambodia launch their first partnership with Ministry of Health and National Center of HIV/AIDS to work jointly in health care facilities. AHF currently is also working in close partnership with government organizations and NGOs to implement prevention program in five different provinces and mobile testing project for HIV testing and provide support on treatment and care in 34 of total of 66 ART sites of the government throughout the country wide.

Patient- Center HIV Care & Treatment :

In 2019, AHF Cambodia is currently supporting on providing Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) and care to 40,471 PLHIV in the 34 ART sites of the governments at the city and provincial levels. This is accomplished through partnerships with national and local government facilities and committed health care staff, including medical doctors, nurse counsellors, and peer educators. Additional community support initiatives for PLHIV and families contribute to government and AHF‘s mission.

Prevention, HIV testing and Advocacy :

Since 2011, AHF Cambodia has provided free HIV testing and education, has distributed free condoms through multiple public awareness events. AHF focus its prevention work on Most –at Risk groups by providing condoms, HIV testing and linkage to care and treatment. The mobile testing project serves the need of the Most –at Risk groups in remote areas and gathering places.

In addition, AHF Cambodia engages in advocacy activities through events such as The World AIDS Day (WAD) and International Condom Day (ICD) and other event to raise the voice of affected and infected people. AHF Cambodia also sponsors activities around the International Women‘s Day, World TB Day, Youth Day, LGBTQI day and other very special events , which bring awareness and provides a safe environment for those who are living with HIV in Cambodia.

The estimated number of PLHIV in 2017 is 68, 78(NCHADS- UNAIDS: estimation PLHIV in Cambodia Feb 2015) of whom 58,516 patients are registered in care by the end of fourth quarter of 2017 (NCHADS ART quarterly report). The national estimate is about 10,000 PLHIV remained undiagnosed. To address this gap in knowledge of HIV status and achieve the national testing and treatment goals-in particular, the first of 90-90-90 goals, to diagnose 90% of people with HIV infected by 2020- new approaches are needed that enhance the efficacy and coverage testing. HIV partner notification is an approach that has the potential improve testing coverage while also identifying is an approach that has the potential to improve testing coverage while also identifying people with undiagnosed HIV infection. (Standard operation procedure for partner notification services and other forms for index client testing 2018).